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   ●  Frames

   Cao Yong Series
  ●  Grand America
  ●  Venice
  ●  Mediterranean
  ●  Paris
  ●  Hawaii
  ●  Golden Coast
  ●  Romantic Garden
  ●  Freedom





Cao Yong's visit to our store

Freedom was donated by Cao and the Thoughtfulness Shop to the Woodstock, IL fire department.








Cao Yong's canvases evoke the essence of some of the most delightful places on earth. Although Cao Yong was formally educated in China, the artist achieved maturity during seven years of self-exile in Tibet. Then he left for Japan, where he quickly became that nation's most honored muralist. Later, he immigrated to America, in this nation know for her freedom of expression, Cao Yong has transferred to an artist who dedicates to the love of nature and passion for life through artwork. (Art Trend 2001)

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