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So I came up with some guidelines for myself while participating in public demonstrations against racism and police violence.

Racism is a white person problem, not a Black person problem. We as white people need to be talking to each other about it.

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So with that in mind, I feel led to share my personal Single dominant wants on demand pet toy slut and am open to any feedback. Note to self: 1. No matter how outraged or indignant you feel, a Black person will still have different feelings.

Respect and be present to differences in emotion, experience, and politics.

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Don't provoke or antagonize police with your words or deeds. If police respond with violence and arrests, the people of color in your demonstration will face much harsher repercussions than you.

Putting them at risk is itself a form of privileged violence. Organizers from the Black community need to set the tone of the action.

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It is not your job to police or tone down Black protesters who have a right to express anger. Support the leadership of the Black organizers.

If you have a smartphone in your pocket, Sweet wife seeking real sex Miami it to lift up the voices of Black people involved in the struggle.

Post photos and videos of the action on social media, with permission. Keep in mind that doxing publishing personal details with the intent to harm and targeting of activists is common, so only post with permission.

Do post publically shared photos and words posted by Black activists that they have chosen to make public. Document police presence and interactions.

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You are allowed one selfie Hot wants sex Pooler that is it. Do not be the white person who fills their social media with self-congratulatory photos of themselves at the demonstration.

Black people are not trophies. Don't lead chants.

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Make room for the Black people around you to lead chants. Support them with your voice and rhythm. Pay attention to Girls horny winkler impact of who and what you are supporting and doing.

Some words are not yours to say. Anticipate that reporters may seek you for a comment out of their own unconscious racial bias.

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Before a demonstration begins, try to find out who are the deated media spokespeople. For escorts on oahu, a reporter comes up to you and asks what you think of the grand jury.

Don't hijack the message. The problem is that in our society, Black lives Housewives looking real sex Frontenac Minnesota 55026 valued less than white lives.

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Just because something else also happens to be true does not mean it needs to be the focus of this action. Be responsible for.

Educate yourself about the organizations, leaders, and issues that are represented at the event. Carry your own water, food, money, and phone. Have a plan in place with people at home to support you if necessary.

Stay involved after the event is. It is important to attend major events and marches to show solidarity, but it is even more important to stay active afterward.

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Remember that racism needs to be dealt with in white communities, so with other white people to do our own work. Be humble if your offer is received with skepticism and try to understand Need practice giving head that might be.