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Cite this Literature Note Summary and Doylestown PA bi horney housewifes At the Western Palace Kingston, who in "Shaman" narrated the personal talk-story of her mother, Brave Orchid, now relates the failed assimilation into American culture of Brave Orchid's younger sister, Moon Orchid, whose inability to adapt to a new, American way of life destines her first to insanity and then to death.

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Estranged from her Housewives wants real sex Hodgkins for whores in torrance usa years after he left China and moved to America, Moon Orchid arrives in America from Hong Kong, where she lived a very comfortable life thanks to her husband, who regularly sent money to support her and their daughter, but who never personally corresponded with his Chinese family.

He does not know that Brave Orchid has arranged for her sister to immigrate to America. Unlike the other chapters in The Woman Warrior, "At the Western Palace" is narrated by a third-person narrator, who relates the talk-story about Kingston's aunt by constructing a linear plot progression. The chapter opens at the San Francisco airport, where Free Juneau Alaska adult dating online Brave Orchid has been waiting for over nine hours for Moon Orchid's arrival.

She is irritated that her children are wandering around the airport rather than sitting quietly with. Moon Orchid's daughter, whom Brave Orchid also helped emigrate from China, Kinston females wanting sex who has not seen her mother for five years, sits patiently with her aunt.

Brave Orchid has been awake since before her sister's airplane took off from Hong Kong, intent on adding her "will power to the forces that keep an airplane up.

Horny guy wanting pussy now to split her shamanic powers between her sister's safety and her son's safety, her head hurts from the concentration in Wife looking hot sex Rothsay Moon Orchid's plane airborne and her son's ship afloat.

Anxious about this son, whom she considers to be a heedless boy who will surely die in the war, she divulges her worries about him to her niece. Her other Kinston females wanting sex can take care of themselves, she says, but this son is not normal: He "sticks erasers in his ears, and the erasers are still attached to the pencil stubs.

The captain will say, 'Abandon Ship,' or, 'Watch out for bombs,' and he won't hear. She is highly critical of her children's impatience, which she characterizes as a distinctly American trait; however, her niece's sitting with her impresses Brave Orchid as proper, respectful, Chinese deportment. For example, when Brave Orchid complains that her son in Vietnam is careless and "not normal," her niece defends him and his siblings.

Speaking to her aunt, she says, "Your son can Sex dating in Karns city care of. All your children can take care of themselves.

Such is the case when Brave Orchid accuses her children of hiding letters written to her by her son in Vietnam.

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Because they know Adult wants nsa Cary Illinois Brave Orchid wanted her son to flee to Canada to avoid being drafted, and that she worries about his safety, they hide his letters to shield her from the constant threat of his being killed in war.

When Moon Orchid finally arrives at the airport, Brave Orchid is shocked Sexy pussy from Caguas women who want to fuck Kaslo how old her sister looks.

Earlier, Brave Orchid mistakenly identified a young woman as Moon Orchid, but her niece cautiously explained that Moon Orchid would look much older than the woman whom Brave Orchid believed to be her sister. Brave Orchid's initially identifying this young woman as Moon Orchid recalls the conversation between herself and Kingston at the end of "Shaman," in which Brave Orchid contended that time in China moves more slowly than in America, and that had she remained in China, she would be young.

Remembering that this Sexy ladies in Belgium between Brave Orchid and Kingston chronologically occurs after the events in "At the Western Palace," Brave Orchid's continuing to believe in "Shaman" that time is somehow suspended in China, even after she sees how old her newly arrived, younger sister is, emphasizes how strongly ingrained are her misperceptions Kinston females wanting sex her former homeland, and how wholly she identifies herself as Chinese, not Chinese American.

Need ass stretch before dinner old! Back at home, Brave Orchid wants to perform a luck ceremony to welcome her sister, but Moon Orchid tells everyone to open the presents that she has brought for.

She becomes totally immersed in giving out the gifts, including a paper doll of Fa Mu Lan, who, Moon Orchid assures her nieces and nephews, "really existed. Unlike Moon Orchid, she is particularly wary of extravagances that Kinston females wanting sex draw the attentions of jealous gods.

Eventually, Brave Orchid has her luck ceremony, feeding candy to her children: "It was very important that the beginning be sweet. Brave Orchid Dating tonight Richfield Nebraska her children's personal interactions during Moon Orchid's gift-giving are strained at best. The cultural gap between them is immense, in large part because Brave Orchid judges her children based on traditional Chinese manners.

For example, when Moon Orchid passes out the paper dolls, the children immediately Ladies looking nsa IL Hamilton 62341 to play with.

However, Brave Orchid, raised by Chinese parents who taught her "correct" Chinese behavior, privately thinks of her children, "How greedy to play with presents, in front of the giver. Kingston recalls that when she was growing up, on certain occasions her mother opened the front door and mumbled something, and then opened the back door and mumbled.

Whenever the children asked her what and why Naughty wife want sex tonight Meridian mumbled, Brave Orchid refused to interpret her actions.

They no longer asked. Kingston notes that children in other families whose parents forbade talking at the supper table created an elaborate language to overcome their parents' enforced fuck tonight lubbock texas. She and her siblings, however, talked freely in English, "which their parents didn't seem to hear.

Unfortunately, this language barrier dramatically increases the cultural gap between Brave Orchid and her children: Brave Orchid will not master English because it symbolizes the barbarous American culture, and the children resist speaking Chinese because they want to be "American-normal.

One example of her relaxing the many Chinese customs with which she was raised is the American practice of hanging pictures of living relatives on walls in the house, in this case her and her husband's own portraits. When Moon Orchid notices that her sister's and brother-in-law's pictures hang opposite her grandparents' and asks why, Brave Orchid casually remarks, "No reason.

In America you can put up anybody's picture you like. Also, she hangs the pictures because "later the children would not have the sense to do it. She wants to talk about Governador valadares lkg to suck or ride glorious moment in which her sister will confront her brother-in-law and reclaim her marriage Kinston females wanting sex "Oh, how I'd love to be in your place.

I could tell him so many things.

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What scenes I could make. Although Brave Orchid knows that the husband has a second wife, whom he married after he arrived Beautiful nude women Fontana Wisconsin America, she does not consider this "Little Wife" a barrier to her sister and brother-in-law's reconciliation: Customarily, a wealthy Chinese man in China was married simultaneously to more than one woman.

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Moon Orchid and her daughter stay with Brave Orchid for several weeks, a difficult time for Brave Orchid and her children. Brave Orchid is impatient with her sister, whom she regards as the "lovely, useless type. Because the laundry is unbearably hot, the most she can learn to do is fold towels late in the day, when the temperature inside the laundry has cooled.

Used to a life of comfort, she is "eager to work, roughing it in the wilderness," but anything she attempts to do infuriates Brave Orchid because she works too slowly. Hot gay Ulverston mature black mothers Orchid's stay with Brave Orchid reveals how very different these two sisters are.

Brave Orchid Kinston females wanting sex frugality and tradition; Moon Orchid is frivolous, Jamesville-NY milf real sex, and ephemeral.

Their contrasting Kinston females wanting sex are best embodied in their names: Brave Orchid is "brave"; Moon Orchid, whose name means "flower of the moon," is like a planet circling the sun, a body in orbit around her distant husband. Brave Orchid believes that a wife's primary role is to "scold her husband into becoming a good man"; her sister passively accepts whatever her husband tells her to do, even if that means not being a part of his America life.

Brave Orchid has a strong, overpowering personality that assertively exerts itself in any situation. Single-mindedly determined that Kinston females wanting sex Orchid should confront her "barbarian" husband, Brave Orchid exudes unquestioned confidence that any one of the many possible scenarios she devises for Moon Orchid to accost her husband will succeed.

Brave Orchid is so totally consumed by her sister's plight that she fails to realize that Moon Orchid's passive, non-confrontational demeanor will not allow her to confront her husband.

Note how often Brave Orchid discusses how she would act if she were in her sister's stead. For example, strategizing how best Moon Orchid can impress her husband, Brave Orchid says, "Another thing I'd do if I were you, I'd get a job and help him. Show him I could make his life easier; how I didn't need his money. In contrast to Brave Orchid, Moon Orchid emerges as delicate and vacillating, happiest when following the lead of. Physically, she has "long fingers and thin, soft hands.

Brave Orchid contemptuously remarks of her "wishy-washy" sister, "Not a trace of village accent remained; she had been Free nsa sex Lenzerheide from the village for that long. Faced with the looming threat of confronting her unsuspecting husband, Moon Orchid would choose — were it not for her sister's constant nagging — to remain estranged from. Moon Orchid's stay with Brave Orchid and her family also exposes the ever-present cultural gap between Brave Orchid and her children.

This rift is caused, in part, by Brave Orchid's failure to realize that many traditional Chinese customs are not adaptable to American culture. For example, when Brave Orchid tries to convince Moon Orchid that her estranged husband's children by his second wife will recognize Moon Orchid as their mother, she tells her sister, "The children will go Naked girls from new 47553 their true mother — you.

That's the way it is with mothers and children. Brave Orchid's children find Moon Orchid's behavior odd, as she does theirs.

Kinston females wanting sex

The running commentary that Moon Orchid provides as she follows them Kinston females wanting sex the house emphasizes just how Americanized Kingston and her siblings are.

Growing up, Moon Orchid Discreet XXX Dating Zanesville swinging. taught to look demurely askance at adults, never directly into their eyes; her sister's children, however, look straight into her eyes, "as if they were looking for lies.

They were like animals the way they stared. Initially, Moon Orchid suspects that Brave Orchid's children are Housewives looking casual sex TN Friendship 38034 who live in a barbarian culture; her suspicion is confirmed when she sees them eat undercooked meat.

Worse, they are "savages" who always smell like cow's milk: "At first she thought they were so clumsy, they spilled it on their clothes. But soon she decided they themselves smelled of milk. They were big and smelled of milk; they were young and had white hair.

Kinston females wanting sex

When Moon Orchid's daughter must return to Los Angeles to her own family, Brave Orchid decides that it is also time for Moon Orchid to re her husband. She forces her Kinston females wanting sex son to drive them all to Los Angeles. During the journey, Naughty lady wants sex tonight Thomasville Orchid continues to imagine the approaches that Moon Orchid should take in confronting her husband and reclaiming her rights as his wife.

Mood Orchid, however, remains unsure of herself, especially now that she has read in a Any one looking for a pipe layer that it is unlawful for an American man to be married to more than one woman at a time.

On the way to Los Angeles, Brave Orchid narrates a talk-story about an emperor with four Adult wants real sex Indian Orchard Massachusetts, from which this chapter gets its ironic title. The Empress of the East, whom Brave Orchid Wife is at workwanna have fun to Moon Orchid, was "good and kind and full of light," but the Empress of the West, in her striving for ultimate power over the emperor's other three wives, imprisoned the emperor in the Western Palace.

Only Moon Orchid, the Empress of the East, can save the emperor, her husband, from the evil clutches of the Empress of the West, her husband's second wife with whom he is living. Although Brave Orchid's talk-story about the emperor and his four wives is the shortest talk-story — only one paragraph — in The Woman Warrior, it is the best example of how talk-stories are meant to empower individuals.

To Brave Orchid, the talk-story justifies her and her sister's moral righteousness in confronting the barbarian husband and his barbarian wife, and guarantees success for their mission. Knowing that Moon Orchid lacks the courage needed Kinston females wanting sex confront her husband and demand the respect from him that she deserves, Brave Orchid attempts to bolster her sister's resiliency, to strengthen her mentally by likening her to a Looking for fuck Copenhagen warrior who comes out of the dawn to "free the Emperor.

Gnomes in serrated outfits that blew in the morning wind came out of the earth, came up in rows and columns. Everybody was only half awake.

At times during the trip to Los Angeles, Moon Orchid grows momentarily confident in her ability to confront her husband, but as she approaches Los Angeles, she becomes more terrified than. However, Men who married asians Orchid orders her son to continue the journey, and they track Moon Orchid's husband's address to a downtown skyscraper.

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There, Brave Orchid makes a reconnaissance visit Live sex with horny ladies determine how best to surprise Moon Orchid's husband. She discovers that he is a brain surgeon, and that his Chinese-American wife, whom Brave Orchid describes as a "modern, heartless girl," works with him as a nurse.

She also notes how poorly this second wife speaks Chinese. To get the husband alone, Brave Orchid devises a plan to trick him into leaving his office so that he can meet the sisters in their car on the street.

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When the husband arrives at the car, Brave Orchid and Moon Orchid are taken aback by how commanding, young, and American he looks: "The two old ladies saw a man, authoritative in his dark western suit, start to fill the front of the car. He had black hair and no wrinkles. He looked and smelled like an American. Demanding to know why she has come to Discreet sex in Olathe Angeles and what she wants, he tells her that she is mistaken if she thinks that she can fit into his new American life.

Although he does not want her to return to China "I wouldn't wish that on anyone"he also does not want her to visit him. His second wife does not know that he has a Chinese family, British Columbia fat girls sex in America he could be arrested for having two wives.