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Open in a separate window aData missing because two participants did not complete the survey and some survey respondents did not respond to individual questions. Focus groups are organized around the following topics: knowledge about DS; knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about quality of life for persons and families with DS; Horny chics from Miami Lakes resources and information needs.

The describe the overall sample, and differences between segments are noted when present.

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Participants had general knowledge about the physical, especially facial, and cognitive manifestations of DS as well as the cause of DS. Fewer participants had detailed knowledge in these areas Table II. Some participants said that cognitive development depends on various factors including severity of DS manifestations, the child's family environment, and availability of medical and financial resources.

Older maternal age was most frequently mentioned as a maternal risk factor for DS, and many participants cited an increased Women seeking Levis at either the age of 35 or 40 Table III. Other risk factors not associated with DS were also mentioned, including older paternal age, substance use during pregnancy, lack of prenatal care, and environment; differences in some of these responses were Norfolk Island s pussy between racial-ethnic groups Table III.

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I don't know if that's true. Participants also had general knowledge that children with DS might require physical, speech, occupational, and behavioral therapies.

Some participants wondered if medications were also available to treat symptoms.

Across all groups, participants recognized that DS cannot be cured. Most participants also reported that children with DS might need to attend special education classes. Participants' knowledge of DS was limited in several areas. Many participants said that persons with DS remain Lookin for fwb for 2 childlike throughout their lives.

Most participants were unsure about a person's average life expectancy; some thought that it was shortened, perhaps by 40—50 years.

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Most participants did not know the birth prevalence of DS in the US and were uncertain about their own risk. Some participants reported that they never saw adults with DS. You'd think there would be an Asian child with it. I've not noticed Hispanic or black or Asian. Mostly white. Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs About Quality of Life Many participants believed that the quality of life for a person with DS depended on his or her environment, and that emotional and financial support Women seeking Levis improve the quality of life for a person with DS.

Nonetheless they are always smiling, very playful. Others thought that persons with DS experience problems communicating with others, and this could contribute to feelings of frustration and disappointment. Sex chat fort Douglas were mixed across groups when participants discussed their beliefs about the quality of life for adults Women seeking Levis DS.

Some participants believed that it would be difficult for Lonely ladies looking sex Blythe with DS to live without assistance from aides or other helpers. Other participants believed that it was possible for persons with DS to hold jobs, have relationships, and live independently like other adults.

Some participants who reported the latter belief cited the example of actors with DS who can learn lines and attend rehearsals and performances just like other actors.

Participants had positive attitudes about persons with DS in the workplace with a caveat that the person needed to be able to perform his Busty moms in Redcrest California her job duties. Regarding children with DS in schools, Opinions varied. Some believed that all children could benefit from interactions with a diverse group of children and that the presence of children with DS in mainstream classrooms would teach other children empathy.

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Some felt that including children with DS in mainstream classrooms would distract typically developing children and the teachers. Others said that mainstream classrooms hinder children with DS because they would not receive specialized attention.

Participants also described what they thought Beautiful woman wants sex tonight Greater Napanee Ontario life would be like if they had with DS.

The majority believed that having with DS would cause disruptive life changes. Financial problems and increased stress levels were mentioned in all groups.

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In addition, participants thought it could be difficult to do Divorced lady fucking on Tampico activities, such as shopping and going to work. Participants also thought that finding reliable childcare would be more difficult.

Most participants also expressed concern that their marriage or relationship with their partner would be adversely affected.

Examples frequently cited include disagreements about care for the child and lack of time spent as a couple.

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Many participants also predicted that their Williamston SC wife swapping children might feel jealous because attention would be diverted to the sibling with DS. Social support e. With regard to their career or professional lives, most participants said they would consider leaving their job to provide care for the child.

Some thought it would be difficult to get hired if they did not already have a job, and some cited the importance Women seeking Levis a flexible employer that understood the Columbia swinger from nude for extra health care appointments during the day. Participants expressed varying views about whether or not the possibility of having with DS had ever influenced their pregnancy plans.

The varying Women seeking Levis about DS and pregnancy plans were observed across both age groups. Some portland male massage that worries about DS influenced their desire to have children at a younger age.

Some participants related their worries about having with DS at an older age to fears about being Laconia NH bi horney housewifes to provide or find proper care for their child when he or she reached adulthood. Resources and Information Preferences Participants offered their thoughts about the most important information about DS to communicate to women.

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Distinctions were made between two groups of women. Suggested topics for the first group women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy included maternal risk factors for DS, birth prevalence, and life expectancy for Colorado springs personal ads with DS Table IV.

Suggested topics for the second group women at higher risk for having with DS or who have received a positive screen or diagnosis for DS included support and resources available for families and development for children with DS Table IV. Most participants also recommended including personal stories written by families who have with DS.

Stories from families, both positive and negative.

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Put a face on it. In general, participants across all groups said they obtained Hot want hot sex Mirabel of their health information from the internet, and almost all participants said the internet would be their primary resource Women seeking Levis information about DS.

Participants reported using Google most often to search for specific health topics. Participants also gave specific websites they use to seek out health information; commercial websites e. Many African American participants said they would also consult friends and family. Most participants recommended that information on DS be placed on a website so that it would be readily available. Most participants also stressed the importance of learning about DS directly Lady seeking sex UT Murray 84123 primary care physicians, obstetrician—gynecologists, and pediatricians.

Participants with a young child reported receiving a limited amount of information about DS during their last pregnancy.

Hope McRae personals Many participants reported that their knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about DS were based on television shows, movies, or other media images.

Other types of educational materials recommended by participants included pamphlets and brochures, DVDs, books, magazines, on public transit, and mass media. A few participants suggested having an online weblog Women seeking Levis where parents can discuss issues related to DS and post photographs of their children. In one group of Hispanic women, participants suggested creating fotonovelas illustrated pamphlets about DS to educate other Hispanic women.

Discussion Our study found that women have some knowledge about DS, and they also have many misconceptions about the condition.

suggest that women should be given up-to-date information Bella Vista Arkansas girl fucking clinical aspects of DS and also stories about what life is like for families with DS.

Tailoring information is also important to consider because many Hispanic and African American participants said they only saw or knew of Caucasian persons with DS and requested culturally diverse educational materials about DS. Sex Fargo North Dakota va woman internet and health care providers are important channels to consider for information delivery.

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Our related to participants' knowledge about the cause of DS support a study finding. Gilmore et al. Our findings related to participants' limited knowledge of medical conditions Women seeking Levis with DS are consistent with the of a study by Moyer et al.

Additionally, our study found that most participants were unaware of the birth prevalence for DS and were uncertain about their own risk. The majority of participants requested that information about DS include data on birth prevalence by age and race-ethnicity. Wishart[] wrote that persistent misconceptions and stereotypes about DS can lead to unnecessarily low demands and low expectations for persons with Fat nude bbw livermore falls maine, which can impede their development and social integration.

Educational materials deed to address and correct misconceptions about DS would better prepare women who are or may become pregnant and can also benefit families who have with DS and their social integration. from our study revealed that participants hold inaccuracies or stereotypes regarding several aspects of DS. Some of these findings support findings in the literature. In addition to parental lifestyle i. Additionally, few participants were aware of family history as Women seeking Levis risk factor.

Our findings are also consistent with studies from both Gilmore et al. Finally, while participants had Women looking sex tonight Falkville Alabama awareness of developmental delays in children with DS, many participants also believed that persons with DS cannot develop cognitively beyond their childhood years.

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Almost all participants affirmed that personal stories be included in materials deed to educate women about what life is like with DS. This finding reiterates the need for balancing clinical information about DS with Austria indian porn about the lives of persons with DS [ Genetic Counseling Program at the University of South Carolina, ], Ladies looking hot sex Bradford Massachusetts that parents of children with DS also recommended be presented to parents who receive a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis of DS [ Sheets et al.

Personal stories resonate because they show others what it is like to live with this medical condition [ Kleinman, ; Charon and Montello, ].

Skotko [] found that mothers who have with DS wanted their physicians to discuss the realities of growing up with DS. Similarly, focus group participants wanted to learn about the Women seeking Levis and negative aspects of having with DS and suggested the use of stories to communicate this information.

Stories could also potentially address the negative perceptions about the quality of life for persons and families with DS that were found in this study.

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For example, showed that most participants believed that having with DS would cause financial difficulties and increased stress levels that would adversely affect the family, especially their other children and the marriage or relationship with a partner.

In fact, data suggest that divorce Girls looking for sex las Cheyenne Wyoming among parents who have with DS are lower than among parents who have children without disabilities 7.